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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

DT Shout Out

For my new challenge blog, Eclectic Ellapu.

Details on Eclectic Ellapu..... please go have a peek!

You have seen my work so you will hopefully have a rough idea on what I like... anything creative.  Just bring yourself to the table through your creativity.  It can never be wrong as long as it is you!  My Design Team Leader Paula has already been handpicked and butt kicked into submission to join me.  You can find her blog here

Anyway pop on over to my NEW BLOG

Add your link and maybe we can build something fun together!

Hugz as always

Elaine xxx 

PS Please stand by me whilst I fine tune the new blog - seems I can't get the basics right LOL......


  1. Your work is fabulous, Elaine! I can't wait to see your new I go!

  2. Hey there - me again! Went to leave another comment on the new blog, and the option to comment is missing. I see Paula's comment, and the linky, but there is not a button to push to leave comments :( Thought you'd want to know!

  3. So excited for your new blog Elaine! I joined up, but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment over there, so I came back here. Looking forward to playing along!

  4. Well Elaine, I didn't think I wanted to take on another DT position, but for some reason I feel that I'd like to be part of yours...perhaps it had something to do with the fact that you are a closet pole dancer????
    No seriously, I am a police officer on LTD, and we have that investigative connection I guess. Anyway, if would like my contribution that would be great too :)S

  5. Hi Elaine :) Just wanted to say that I look forward to your new challenge blog. I have hopped on over to follow (also by email so that i do not miss a thing). LOVE the name!!!

    Love and hugs to you my DT Sistah!!!


Thank you for your comments. I really do appreciate them and they make my love of crafting much more worthwhile.
Hugz Elaine xx


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