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Friday, 23 March 2012


I am sorry I have not been posting and I am unsure as to when I will again.  This is due to my Mum passing away this wek and I am absolutely shattered with dealing with everything.  All I want to do is grieve but it appears it has to wait.  She started off with ovarian cancer over a year ago and after several shots at chemo and a major op it was found to be clear of the ovaries but had spread to the stomach and lungs.  The cancer caused blot clots in the lungs and the clots caused the lungs to fill with fluid which they could not drain due to the clots therefore she was on oxygen all the time.She could not swallow so eating and drinking practically impossible.  She had been in hospital for the main part of 2012.  She had also knocked her leg which swelled so much it split.  It wouldn heal due to huge amount of dead flesh on the top which kept the wound open.  They used maggots to eat the flesh to ease her pain.  That worked and had the maggots removed on the Monday, the same day I had found a nursing home to give her palliative care.  She was not keen to go into a home and I believe tha she did not want to rely on someone else for everything and she passed away the following day.

I have been grieving for the best part of a year watching her slipping away and I feel in a way relieved because she is no longer suffering.  She is now with her beloved husband and will be happy now.  I miss her so much and I will forever I know.

Anyway just thought I'd share this really personal experience with you but the main reason for doing so is to please remind all of you out there to have all your cervical smears as often as allowed and maybe it could save lives.  

Hugz Elaine xxx

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