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Wednesday 30 October 2013

A few makes......................

Just thought I would share a couple of new makes I have managed inbetween work, challenge blog running and a treasure hunt on EE. Phewwww!

This week with the storm brought down a 50+ foot tree from a neighbours garden into mine taking out fences and would have made it into my house if it weren't for my plum tree which has much damage to it.  I have been suffering with absess in mouth and had 2 teeth out yesterday and my face is only just feeling relief from antibiotics.  Today my hoover blew ... lol.  But at least I finished another lil cardy for Lili-Mae (one of the twins) Oh and speaking of children here is a pic of my 4 youngest grandchildren.  I have 7 but the others would not have their pics taken lol. they were here at the weekend and are all under 10 months old.  They were better behaved than the 3 yr old, 4 yr old and 7 yr old lol 

Harvey, Freya, Lili-Mae and Mason

My Christmas stars for the grandchildren

Cardy for Lili-Mae

Oh and some bits I have bought to alter - at some point lol
First pic is awful however like it cos it looks creepy lol

Well thats it for today

Hugz Elaine xxx

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  1. I see - much trouble around you. Your grandchildren are very cute! Must have been a busy weekend :)
    Wish you to get healthy soon.


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